A new step for CLEODIS

2018 marks a new step in CLEODIS’s life, which started 14 years ago already.

  • New address: you are now to find us at 45, rue Solférino in Lille, in new offices to welcome new collaborators, ensure we can develop and we can help you in the best possible conditions.
  • New logo: our new graphic identity enhances our savoir-faire and the concept of ONE-STOP SHOP, which we hold dear, to make access to our renting and subscription offers simpler for you.
  • New website: the latter takes over the totality of our value proposition. We wanted it to be dynamic, complete and factual through stressing operational responses to our clients’ and partners’ demands from our part.

A vision at your service

The experience we have acquired enables us to position CLÉODIS as a service provider enabling (whatever sort of) distributors to simply offer renting or subscription solutions to their clients, regardless of whether the latter are professional or private ones.

Indeed, CLEODIS asserts itself as an expert player capable of addressing two strong supply problems:

  • digitalising selling points and controlling equipment technological evolutions,
  • consumers’ new expectation: consumption by use.

All members of the CLEODIS team wish you an excellent year 2018 and invite you to discover the new website.