Computer outsourcing in Lille, choose CLEODIS

Computer outsourcing: new resources for your performances

Outsourcing computer services represents a significant growth means for the company: time saving, cost-reduction, performance improvement and optimisation of human resources. A good recipe to dedicate ourselves to creating value for our market and our clients.

Outsourcing all or part of your computing equipment allows you to fully dedicate yourself to clients, your activity and developing your company.

Outsourcing your computing department enables your company to relieve itself from some time-consuming tasks:

  • technology watch,
  • identifying and choosing potential service providers,
  • negotiating implementation details…

Entrusting a company expert in that field with this task undeniably is a precious time-saver.

Outsourcing to restructure and reduce operating costs

Outsourcing the computing function enables you to reduce business expenses and limit wage bill evolution. Instead of investing large sums into setting up and maintaining infrastructures or into recruiting and training staff (who represent fixed costs), the company only pays for the service actually resorted to (variable costs). Drafting a good contract allows better control of your budget allocated to computing and specific human resources.

Outsourcing to enjoy an expert’s advice

Repeating situations occurring at various clients’ lets service providers develop specific expertise, directly linked to the evolutions of the computing sector (migration, evolving versions, new devices…). Outsourcing can also be the source of favourable evolutions for company practices (computer security, data confidentiality, flow management…). An external and expert outlook can give a new impulse to computing and telecommunications.

A tailor-made offer to outsource computing services

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