Digitalise a prêt-à-porter shop network

Prêt-à-porter market has been struggling for years, with many shops closing down. Material prêt-à-porter shops are struggling all throughout the world because they are facing increasingly powerful competition: internet. Thankfully, material shops understood what is at stake and identified which are the responses to give. Today, they equip themselves with new digital devices to their clients’ delight.

What’s at stake for the shop network: stressing on services again and enhancing customer experience.

Through our communication with the prêt-à-porter shop network, we have specifically qualified expectations in a first stage:

  • communicate better and focus on brand services,
  • enhance customer experience with images on richer and more interactive screens,
  • strengthen shop internal dynamics.

CLEODIS’s approach: facilitate the digitalising of selling points

For this project as a whole, our intention was to create a tailor-made solution covering the following topics:

  • integration to furniture,
  • installing equipment in the most integrated possible way,
  • creating a content package and a user chart,
  • creating a standard catalogue destined to the franchisee network,
  • for independent shops, technical coordination and security management,
  • complete material and software installation,
  • content management automation.

A one-stop shop to digitalise your selling point and re-enchant customer experience

The brand managed to boost display to present “the right message, at the right time in the right place”. Thanks to a diversified and service-oriented content, fully manageable by the selling point, efficiency and customisation are tangible for a better customer experience.