Digitalising a point of sale, store or network with Cleodis

I wish to help my franchisees digitalising their selling points

You are a franchisor or an independent network service and you have to:

  • manage an often heterogeneous IT stock,
  • help your network digitalising selling points (click to store),
  • promote regular updating a stock you do not manage.

you wish not to spend internal resources on it,
you wish to delegate the contractual aspects with each member.


Set up all tools and services to make independent network digitalisation simpler


  • Intervention as a service provider or a white label
  • Elaboration of specific packages
  • Complete fields of application (products, software and services)


  • A simple and user-friendly extranet
  • Subscription by electronic signature


  • Setting up service and good funding in order to make these available as monthly subscription


Complete management of the cycle of use

Customer experience:

  • A strong principle of customer loyalty
  • Complete order support when renewing equipment
  • Control over your second market
  • Asset management

Supplier managements:

  • Multi-suppliers management
  • Possibility to continue existing supplier contracts


  • Few or no consequences over your computing architecture



  • Coordinate technical deployment
  • Setting up all throughout France
  • Equipment maintenance and supervision
  • No consequence on your computing architecture


  • Commercial coordination
  • Action reports
  • A green offer including waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and CSR policy



  • Simplified electronic contracts with legal validity

Client position:

  • Managing invoicing and direct debits
  • Account direct debit/li>
  • Recovery