Sell by subscription

I wish to propose renting or subscription offers to my professional or private customers


  • I do not know which model is the most relevant for me.
  • I wish it does not interfere or question my computing infrastructure.
  • I wish to secure my financial aspects.


    Jointly set up an offer meeting your customers’ expectations


    • Intervention as a white label to change your own label into a subscription offer
    • Elaboration of specific packages
    • Complete fields of application (products and services)


    • A simple and user-friendly extranet
    • Subscription by electronic signature


    • Setting up service and good funding in order to make these available as monthly subscription


    Complete management of the cycle of use

    Customer experience:

    • A strong principle of customer loyalty
    • Complete order support when renewing equipment
    • Control over your second market
    • Asset management

    Supplier managements:

    • Multi-suppliers management
    • Possibility to continue existing supplier contracts


    • Few or no consequences over your computing architecture



    • Customised web portal
    • Simple computing interfacing (open IPAs, web services...)


    • Commercial coordination
    • Reports and follow-up
    • Logistical follow-up



    • Simplified electronic contracts with legal validity
    • Customised results

    Client position:

    • Managing invoicing and direct debits
    • Account direct debit
    • Recovery