Outsourcing computer services with CLEODIS

What are the advantages of outsourcing computer services?

Outsourcing computer services represents a significant growth means for the company: time saving, cost-reduction, performance improvement and optimisation of human resources. A good recipe to dedicate ourselves to creating value for our market and our clients.

Outsourcing computer services to enjoy optimal and state-of-the-art functioning (network, equipment, software, resources)

Outsourcing provides both watch and advice for new technologies as a whole. It also leaves the obsolescence risk to be born by service providers. Computing and telecommunications are fast and ever-evolving sectors. Leaving network, equipment and software evolution to a team of experts therefore guarantees the best performance level for client companies.

Outsourcing to improve the quality of services rendered

One of the stakes for “support” functions such as computing is “over-solicitation”, hence service degradation. Setting up a contract enables relationships between users and service providers to be clarified so as guarantee the best network, equipment, software and human resources functioning.

Leaving computing to a service provider to strengthen information system security

Computer security gathers various subjects: messaging service, web securing, need for reinforced authentication, vulnerability to attacks... Outsourcing enables you to tackle this subject in a global and simplified way, while enjoying new technologies and their evolution. The idea is to guarantee data saving, their privacy and protection against external attacks (viruses, hacking and theft of computer espionage) in the best possible conditions.

Relying on a quality service provider for more flexibility and to face activity evolutions

Computer outsourcing also implies setting up a clear contract between both companies. This contract can plan to resort to some of the service provider’s skills and resources almost instantly. It can also be adjusted or renegotiated according to predetermined methods. As a whole, these settings gives the company maximum agility to face its activity evolution.

A tailor-made offer to outsource computer services

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