Digitalising a pharmacy network

In a context where retail trade as a whole is marked by the digital transformation, pharmacies are no exceptions. A dispensary must serve multi-equipped and mobile consumers, expecting services and customisation. At the same time, the decline in the number of medical doctors, ageing population and reorganising the hospital system speed up the development of ambulatory. Therefore, the part of pharmacists is reinforced within the care pathway, which is to be simplified thanks to pharmacy digitalisation. New growth means appear.

Clarify what’s at stake with pharmacy digitalisation

Tablet computers, liquid crystal displays, reception desks, digital windows… Tomorrow’s pharmacies will be digital and connected. This transformation is unavoidable. But before unfolding the project, we have been doing some strategic thinking to clarify what the objectives of dispensary network are:

  • differentiate oneself from competitors,
  • increase traffic on to selling points,
  • focus on pharmacy network services,
  • increase customer/patient experience thanks to interactive screens richer than traditional paper/cardboard displays,
  • develop extra turnover (selling media space to laboratories for instance).

Digitalise dispensaries with a tailor-made and global approach

For this project as a whole, our intention was to create a tailor-made solution covering the following topics for each of the selling points:

  • integration to furniture,
  • installing equipment in the most integrated possible way,
  • creating a content package and a user chart,
  • creating a standard catalogue destined to the dispensary network,
  • for independent shops, technical coordination and security management,
  • complete material and software installation,
  • content management automation.

A new relationship within the selling space

On top of a simplified visit, clients can find more information and a broader offer. With its digital walls, its interactive desks and computer tablets, pharmacy digitalisation also allows you to create a new relationship within the selling space. Pharmacists provide increasingly customised advice and make their clients loyal while boosting their selling points.